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“Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.” Lord Byron

Dangerous Illusions -- Ann Chaney

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Dangerous Pursuit -- Ann Chaney




Regency Historical Romance

My first two manuscripts are The Home Office Chronicles series which is set in 1809-1810 in England and Portugal. My heroes are best friends, all titled lords, who remain in England to safeguard their lineage and families. The duo offers their services to the Government to ferret out French sympathizers and spies. Finding their true loves is not on the agenda!

Dangerous Pursuit is my first book and a 2019 Golden Heart® Finalist in the Historical category and the 2016 Daphne winner in the Unpublished Historical category.

Dangerous Pursuit -- Ann Chaney

Amazon | Paperback

Dangerous Pursuit Book 1/ Ann Chaney (Released June 2019)

Lady Serena Preston leads a double life. Not the typical society miss, she dresses and acts the part with perfection, a flawless and unique spy for the Crown. Abandoned by her father and brother as a ‘useless’ girl, Serena determined she would prove her value and skills of observation and detail. Now highly regarded by her peers, she’s confident she can best any man in a game of wits…that is until he returns to London. Richard is the only man she’s ever loved, and the memory of his rejection still stings. Now delegated to work with him, she’s determined to show him she’s no longer the young girl he rebuffed. But can she put aside the past, ignore the familiar longing, and trust Richard with her life?

Viscount Richard Weatherington left England four years ago after quite the embarrassing episode with Serena. Now back in London, he expects she is over her infatuation now, perhaps even married. He never thought she’d be working for the king’s foremost spymaster, all grown up and using her beauty against French sympathizers. Now thrust together in pursuit of deadly turncoats, Richard’s respect grows as he watches her pragmatism and dedication to their mission. Daily he fights the incessant pull of attraction he feels for her while, frustratingly, she appears to be unaffected by him. But when she’s captured, her life hanging in the balance, Richard vows to tell her he loves her—if she survives.


Dangerous Liaison -- Ann Chaney

Amazon | Paperback

Dangerous Liaison, Book 2 Lords of Whitehall (Released October 2020)

The Earl of Moreham has no interest in society seasons or the parties thereof. Being known as a rake has helped him avoid such unsavory situations such as tedious receiving lines and pinch-faced bluestockings. He much prefers the solitude and danger of his work as a dedicated spymaster for the Crown. Unfortunately, his current investigation of a duke suspected of treason lands him in the middle of the upper crust crowd he avoids, complete with wearisome minuets and bothersome misses—one in particular who will not take no for an answer. One who he wishes he wasn’t so drawn to.

Gillian Browning is the perfect definition of a Lady. She has manners and decorum, doing what she should, when she should. But as the niece of the Duke of Whitney, when she learns of a vile conspiracy to convict her uncle of treason, she will stop at nothing to prove his innocence—even insisting she help the arrogant agent search her uncle’s bookroom to verify his lack of guilt. But when they find a coded note, Gillian is forced to admit her uncle is hiding something. Worse, when caught compromisingly alone, they are forced to marry. Now they must work together to find the truth, despite the mutual distrust that battles against their undeniable attraction.

When the note is decrypted, Moreham and Gillian are caught up in a conspiracy of murder, greed, and a secret that puts Gillian in grave danger. Can Moreham save a wife he’s not sure he wanted, but one he’s discovered he loves?

Dangerous Illusions -- Ann Chaney

Release Date: May 22, 2022
Dangerous Illusions, Book 3 of The Lords of Whitehall series

Alexander, Viscount Sturmbridge is a spy. He’s betrayed, abducted, and tortured by a friend, Rodney Littleton. After recuperating in the country, he returns to London. He wants justice! No, he demands justice for every injury he suffered.

Miss Helen Littleton assumes the responsibility of providing for her mother and sister after the death of her gambler father. When Sturm is assigned to protect her family, she is less than pleased. Men can’t be trusted. Especially a charmer like Sturmbridge.

Sturm is no happier than she is! Her brother betrayed him. Ordered his execution. Only fear of retribution kept thugs from killing him.

When Sturm escorts the Littleton ladies to a musicale, he learns he doesn’t know what fear is until someone you care for is in danger. Helen is accosted. A stranger with a blade to her back demands she pass on to her brother a message. The Society wants its list back. What list? The pair reluctantly agree joining forces will protect Helen’s family and bring down The 1804 Society.

Neither wants to acknowledge their feelings for the other. Will Sturm succumb like his friends before him to the lure of life with the blunt and beautiful Helen? Not if he can help it!